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In our efforts to be informative regarding all the new and different sights and experiences encountered during our tours we are fully aware of the tedium of standing listening to lengthy descriptions and details of sometimes trivial matters. We realise that having travelled around the world tourists desire to have sufficient time to explore the sites we visit and so we streamline the descriptive dialogue. Should further explanation be requested personal attention is provided. Harry McQuillan provides explanations of many of the sites and tries to bring to life the history surrounding them. Leila Farmani, our English speaking assistant is a qualified tour guide who is able to give in depth explanations if required but has now adapted her style with brevity in mind.

In some instances we seek assistance from local guides if considered necessary. Having led these tours for several years we have assembled a group of efficient personnel including competent and cooperative coach drivers and their assistants. Hotel staff know us and are always waiting with a warm welcome.

Maureen McQuillan's guiding abilities are helpful in dealing with personal matters, shopping and local etiquette for women. Being familiar with the traditional Persian kitchen she is adept at ensuring that we are served a gourmet selection of dishes. Her Persian language ability assists in circumventing any misunderstandings that occasionally arise.



Leila Farmani, our English speaking assistant

Leila Farmani, our English speaking assistant is a qualified tour guide



"Iran, a must country to visit with its history of civilisations and their well preserved remnants (Persepolis is a gem), the architecture and mosaics of mosques, the attractiveness of the arid terrain and mountain ranges, the beauty of many towns and cities, especially Isfahan and Shiraz, and the friendliness of the people. One visit is not enough ; we returned for a second time."
Ian and Erica Speden,
Lower Hutt, NZ.

Harry McQuillan's tours of ancient Persia and modern Iran

It's hard to beat Iran - the Persia of yore - when it comes to an assemblage of truly remarkable history and archaeology. From the world's first great empire, the Medes and Persians, 500 BC, through the Macedonians, Parthians, Sassanids, the Arab Caliphates, Seljuk Turks, the Mongols, illustrious Safavids, to the Pahlavi Shahs and present Islamic Shi-ite Ayatollahs, it's a dazzling virtuoso display.

And for a tour of this, it's hard to beat the inimitable Harry McQuillan, hailing from his Zagros Orchard in Nelson, New Zealand, who spent the best part of a quarter century as a professional geologist in Iran and whose love of its superb landscape and culture comes out when taking you through it. It's also where he met and married his wife Maureen, who comes and supports the tours.

I know all this from having just been on one of them!

Roger Tompkins
Traveller and activist


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